Why should I buy a flat pack kitchen from THE FLATPACK COMPANY?

All of our flat pack cabinets are assembled using the cam and dowel system which allows for easy assembly by the end user. Once your cabinets are assembled they will be just as strong as any rigid built kitchen, the difference is that you will have paid considerably less from THE FLAT PACK COMPANY.

This is the way THE FLAT PACK COMPANY saves YOU money

  • Reduced labour costs / quite simply we don’t need to build your kitchen cabinets.
  • Economy of Scale / All our carcases are manufactured using high technology CNC manufacturing processes to very exacting standards.
  • Hundreds of cabinets can be manufactured each day
  • Reduced storage and transportation costs / using the space of one rigid built kitchen we can transport many. This obviously saves us money.

When purchasing a Kitchen from THE FLAT PACK COMPANY please be aware of the following points….

  • All the cabinets are manufactured from high quality 18mm MFC.
  • They have soft close “BLUM” hinges as standard.
  • They have soft close “BLUM” drawers as standard.
  • They have adjustable legs as standard.